Development Group

Who am I?

Mohammad Fathi
CTO and Project Manager
Algorithm and Solution Designer

Full-cycle & Full-stack Senior Developer

C|C++|C#|Java|PHP|JS|Python Programmer

Invited University Lecturer


Full-stack Web Developer | Full-cycle Software Developer | Logical and Analytical Mind | Algorithm and Solution Designer

  • Proven through creative programming experiences from 2009, combined with attention to detail, innovative solutions, architecture, and algorithm designs.
  • Direct participation in the development, timely delivery, and maintenance of at least one top-success annual project.
  • Owned style at full-lifecycle of software development, acquired in-depth knowledge on .Net technologies especially object-oriented programming by C#.
  • Accelerated implementation by making reusable modules, plugins, controls, components, etc. which caused to decrease of more than 60% developing time of big software, while for small applications it affects over 80%.
  • Built-in and for cross-functional agile teams and enthusiasm to exchange with colleagues in an international environment.
  • Expertise in optimization and generation of SQL queries through working by MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MongoDB.
  • Idea maker in overhauling front-end web development technologies besides the safe and pure MVC programming in the back-end by PHP/ASP.
  • Perfect for data processing and text processing, with many Ph.D. candidate processing projects.
  • Taught more than fifteen courses at Isfahan State University, Yazd State University, etc. including Programming Languages, Software Development, Web Technologies, Web Development, NLP, DataBase, Multimedia Systems, etc.

Above all my dream is learning new technologies and progress, more and more…